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Thank you so much for yet another wonderful show! I have been very fortunate to be a spectator of many of your shows over the past couple of years.

The experience every time is absolutely sensational.

- Ana / Year 2 Teacher

Book Week 2024
Banner for Children's Book Week 2024 'Reading is Magic'
Bringing books to life with magic!

The ‘Reading is Magic' Show created specifically for Book Week 2024 inspires young readers to use their imagination and discover the magic within the pages of books.

During the show, kids experience the fun and astonishment that reading can create as Tim brings popular children's books to life with hilarious, interactive magic!


Step into a world where books transform into captivating magical adventures right before your very eyes!…
With exclusive availability during Book Week, from August 17th to 23rd, secure your 2024 Book Week Magic Show today.

Contact us now and let the magic of reading come alive at your school or library.

Tim Mason Magic Performing on a large stage in front of a crowd of familes watching a magic show outside on a sunny day

Our high energy kids shows are the perfect addition to an assembly, an end of term treat for students, a graduation celebration, or just something to do because it’s fun!


With shows for all ages, our non-stop, engaging and interactive magic entertainment will have kids rolling with laughter as they take centre stage and help the magic unfold before their eyes!


Our shows provide students with a magical adventure

that isn’t just wildly fun, but can also be educational. Our performances can incorporate and encourage: Science, Maths, Reading, School values and more. We are able to work with the school to create custom show elements to suit your needs.


We’ll provide Magic Tricks and lead the group on how to perform them! The kids are then able to take their new magic skills home with them, putting on a show and amazing their parents and friends.

A magic studient smiling as they learn a magic trick

Tim is the Director and Co-Founder of the Melbourne Magic Academy. The Melbourne Magic Academy's after school enrichment program focuses on the 8 traits that make a true magician.  These traits often align with and compliment existing school values.


As a result, our curriculum cultivates opportunities for performance, building confidence, discipline, empathy, and imagination. Children make friends and develop a sense of belonging whilst they experience the joy of fun and laughter.

A group picture of an after school magic class
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